We are often told, that people learn throughout the whole life. However, this universal truth is applicable to us only, if we are open to new experiences. Noone other than yourself is responsible for your growth and development,

Biznes Innovation trainers are your personal guides for the journey of your development. During our trainings and workshops you can learn various self-development techniques and get to know yourself better, both your strong points as well as ones requiring some development. All of that with a simple purpose of achieving satisfaction in your professional and any other important area of your life.

Highlights of Biznes Innovation personal development programs: 
- workshoping based on participant's real life cases,
- sessions in small groups carried with friendly and creative atmosphere,
- application of diagnosis tools – individual tests enabling scoring of own abilities with expert's supervision,
- sessions, in which individual results are discussed,
- preparation of individual action and development plans.

Individual development programs were delivered to sales people and customer facing personel from manufacturing/retail type of companies. Creativity workshops were delivered to primary school teachers and parents.



Self-acceptance. Strengthen pillars of your self-esteem!

Tolerance, acceptance, trust, admiration, fascination are the most important feelings that accompany us in relationships with other people. But remember that the most important is relationship with yourself. Therefore, in order to create successful relationships with other people first think of yourself as someone whom you like, admire, and accept.

Learn to enjoy life! Benefits and techniques of positive thinking.

Life without worries - is it even possible? No, but is it really necessary? Positive thinking is a theme of personal development and way of overcoming difficulties. Everything has its bright and dark sides, and you should be able to recognize these.

Self-motivation. Your will is enough to achieve.

Being in business or private life circumstances, when all the classic means and methods of motivation fail, it is useful to refer to sources of motivation that is to self-motivation. Everyone has a lazy part. It is important to accept it, like it, and use in creative way to identify and achieve our goals

Job or passion?

Ability to reconciliate your professional, private and family life is another element necessary to find your inner balance. Instead of chaotic life-battle caused by dilemmas of life, let’s learn how to take decisions. You can replace dilemmas with choices and pursue your goals!.

Coping with stress

Stress! Is it possible to make friends with it? Probably not. However, we can accept it and act effectively despite of its impact. Our programs, relying on experience of participants, show positive and negative effects of stress on our well-being. Our participants learn effective and practical relaxation and stress handling techniques.



Creativity and innovative thinking

You can learn creativity like any other skill. Each of us has inner creativity, which needs to be understood and released. Appropriate methodology and tools, when effectively trained, can trigger your creative thinking. You can also learn how to stimulate creative atmosphere working within teams or in relation to other people.

We at Biznes Innovation have also conducted specialized youth creativity workshops for parents and school teachers

Managing yourself, or effectiveness in every dimension

Own, personal effectiveness is crucial to achieving career or personal goals. Let's see how improvements of our own effectiveness impact reaching objectives.

Problem solving and decision making

Overwhelmed by the daily flood of information, pressed by conflicting expectations, we can waste a lot of time encountering problems. Problem solving methodology and tools, together with understanding of the decision making process, are essential both in professional and private life.

Take control of your own image

Our words, gestures, attitudes, look, behavior in a given situation define our image in the eyes of others. In any case, we are the creator of our own image. It is important that the image we are trying to create is consistent with ourselves. Let’s try to understand, how we are seen by others, what are discrepancies between our expectations and reality. Based on that you can prepare an image-building plan aligned with your personal goals.

An art of self-presentation constitutes another important step to be able to leave good impression in your professional relations. Presenting yourself as well as our offering is a basic skill of our professional career and our personal success largely depends on how well we can present. In our program we will equip you with a range of self-presentation techniques. We will diagnose your self-presentation - weak and strong points. We will try to determine the most suitable method of your self-presentation


Assertiveness in personal and professional life

Quite often we accept things we do not really want. However, it would be enough to say just one word: NO! It sounds simple, but it is an art to express this word in a way that no-one is upset. Why is it so difficult?

On our workshops we will learn about protecting borders of your personal comfort zone, about our internal struggle between desire to achieve popularity and alignment with own values, between courage to speak-up and take care of your image

How to behave assertively in an interview with your boss, relationship to a friend or a colleague, discussion with a client or parent?
How to ask for something that is not easy to claim but you deserve it?
How to refuse an action which you dislike, or express an unpopular opinion?

We will seek together for answers to those questions, as assertiveness skill is the foundation of our mental health and well-being.


Reaching your personal or professional objectives require interaction with other people. You need ability to present arguments, motivate people to perform needed activities, and very often to assure that you are getting what you need. In every interaction we are being influenced by our environment and at the same time we are influencing others. You can get to know influence mechanisms better, you can learn mechanisms of manipulation, get to know your weak spots and understand pitfalls of superficial assessments of other people by their “look”.

Open communication

One can never learn too much about communication as it is a basis of every human interaction. Biznes Innovation presents communication process in a unique way, analyzing its effectiveness in various business processes. Poor communication of assessment results or non-verbal communication flaws during negotiations can seriously affect your business results.