Great team is a treasure of every leader. Sophisticated skills are needed to create and manage a harmonious team. While co-operating with Biznes Innovation you will learn methods, techniques and tools needed for team building, team management, and development of its members. The ultimate objective is to create a team of exceptional character and ready to take on challenges



Create your Team

A first step is to realize who you need in your team – what people, what personalities, what skills. The second is a diagnosis who is already in your team, who should stay and who should be assigned another role. A set of professional tools, that uniquely identify potential team members and indicate areas for development, will be used to accomplish these tasks. All this is needed if you would like to achieve effective teamwork. We will define a constellation of your team members together!

Team strength lies in appropriate role split, and a well-functioning team speaks for its leader!

We provide a suite of tools to work with the team and within the team, to allocate team roles adequately to needs, individual expectations and competence.

Team life stages

Every great team is prepared for changes in the environment and can efficiently handle changing priorities. Together, we will analyze the following phases of teamwork:

- Team in crisis,

- Change management,

- Team integration.

Team motivation

Motivating others is nothing else then ability to awake their self-confidence and to sustain desire to act.

• We illustrate 102 ways of motivating others

• We discuss behaviors and situations that could demotivate your team members

• We explain psychological mechanisms of motivation

• We emphasise positive feedback as a key motivation tool




Within this program we diagnose individual competencies of team members with dedicated tools. We help to determine potential of team members. We verify, if assigned tasks and responsibilities are in line with employee expectations and capabilities. A matrix of competence currently held and those required will be jointly developed during our sessions. In addition, we offer a number of active programs developing individual team work skills such as conducting meetings and presentations, positive attitude to problem-solving and decision-making.

We use coaching process as a method of team development. Coaching field techniques and methods are presented, which then can be independently used in participant’s daily work. We emphasize importance of positive approach culture as one of fundamental team value




This is an innovative program designed to develop and motivate experienced business leaders. The best summary statement was given by one of the trainees whose boss took part in our workshop: "we couldn’t recognize him anymore".

Our sessions give an excellent opportunity to look at yourself through the glass of your role as you understand it and others perceive it. If you want to be a professional boss, you need to learn about yourself and be able to draw conclusions. And you want it, right

Improve Team leadership skills

We propose a workshop approach to basic team leadership skills. The starting point is the ability to set the goals and delegate them, cascade the targets, and then evaluate and assess. Team communication is very important and feedback methodology is used by the team members on a daily basis. Great teams use coaching tools to improve desired skills and competencies.

Our program touches upon issues of team building, motivation, change processes, and, above all, helps to answer questions  “why am I the boss?” and “what kind of a boss am I?”


We offer a state-of-the-art training program for recruiters. Optimal selection of your team members depends largely on you. Do not delegate responsibility for selecting your own employees! It’s you who knows best who is needed to achieve your business goals. Get the best ones to your team!

Recruitment is not just a job of Human Resources. It is a duty of every leader.

Our recruitment program is suitable for managers in wide range of businesses. We train how to recruit based on best match with required professional roles. Practical tools enable determining which of the candidates is most suitable for the job. Biznes Innovation illustrates traps of poor recruitment, impact of the recruitment process on employees’ motivation and their professional performance.