Biznes Innovation offers innovative ICT solutions tailored to needs and business processes of modern companies. Our focus is on Cloud Computing platforms.

We invite information technology companies, service providers and integrators to co-operation, offering and reselling ICT solutions on business partnership terms.

Our innovations portfolio is enhanced with a set of analytic, advisory and implementation services, described in a "Business Development" tab.

Innovative Customer Communication Tools

Virtual VoIP PBX for enterprises

NFON is our proposition of cloud telephony system for companies. Key benefits: offer flexibility, simple web management, integration of many locations into one system, tight integration with mobile telephony (WiFi calling), virtual fax (fax2mail), advanced set of call center features, new and ported telephone numbers in EU countries. Telephony integration with your CRM system in just a moment.

Teleconferencing services

High voice quality conference bridge, together with call-in numbers is a proposition enhancing customer and internal communication. Screen sharing and whiteboarding functionality enable advanced presentations and full co-operation on-line.

Multi-channel Contact Center

Our proposition includes cloud based solutions for integrated customer communication, fully utilising multiple communication channels in one Contact Center: voice, email, SMS as well as interactive web pages.

Electronic document signing on tablets

Customer document workflow, including contracts, orders, confirmations, can be enhanced with electronic but handwritten signature on tablet, PC or smartphone. Simple API of the cloud solution enable full e-signing integration with business processes.

Mobile coupons, tickets and loyalty programs

Customer point-of-sale interaction can be enhanced through distribution and verification of SMS codes. Those can become tickets, vouchers or loyalty cards. SMS codes can replace paper cards and printed coupons. Open API can be used for full integration with business applications.


Cybersecurity Solutions

Internet information exchange protection

Sensitive data while transferred over public internet require special protection, especially in the critical infrastructure applications. We advise on solutions that are stronger than firewalls and perform IP data filtering:

Data Diodes are devices guaranteeing one way IP data flow. Systems requiring galvanic separation or air-gap can be connected via data diodes.

Data Filters are used when firewall protection is not secure enough. Filters work on predefined set of rules which let through those messages, which were pre-approved by the communicating parties, exactly according to the defined white-list.

Business continuity assurance - data replication and virtual backup

Virtualized applications, servers and stored data can be replicated on-line into the Cloud based service. Disaster recovery process time can be shortened down to minutes with minimal data loss. Virtual Disaster Recovery services are perfect compliment of company Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Traditional IT infrastructure (without virtualisation) and workstations can be protected via classical online backup services.

Secure remote access to active LAN devices

Dedicated hardware unit connected to the Cloud based service enables remote, secure access to selected LAN devices, such as printers, PBX, routers or switches. No need for remote desktop sessions on PCs and servers, no need for port opening. Information exchange is based on https transmission requested from inside of LAN, allowed even by strict security policies.

Managed Machine-to-Machine Communication

Virtual platform for device communication management

Our proposition delivers managed M2M services for connected devices. We assure end-to-end service portfolio, from 3G data modems and sensors installation, through provision of monitored, operator grade M2M SIM cards for data communication till remote monitoring, SMS/email alerts, data collection and control. Solution is suitable for many application areas, e.g. industrial and building systems control (remote energy meter readings for example), providing alternative to BMS systems.

M2M data transmission SIM cards

Advanced M2M implementations require stable, professional data transmission with full monitoring of data transmission and SIM card state. We propose co-operation with operators providing M2M SIM cards that can roam between operators, supporting global or european tariffs. Such professional M2M SIM offers come together with full access to SIM management platforms.

Ultrasonic, wireless container fill level sensors

Utility companies increase efficiency of waste and recyclables collection by implementing fill-level sensors in containers. Specialised, wireless sensors, communicating via GSM/3G deliver daily reports to the cloud platform enabling remote fill level monitoring, alarms and optimisation of collection routes.


Mobility and Cloud Computing for Companies

Our Cloud Computing proposition enhances business processes and information flow in two dimensions: social networking (teamwork support) and mobility (dedicated smartphone and tablet applications). Cloud implementation enables fast and economical implementation at companies of any size as well as flexibility, security and access from any location and multiple devices: PCs, smartphones, tablets.

Team communication tools - classical email is today a tool for formal business communication. Dynamic teams need more flexible ways to cooperate and exchange information. This challenge can be solved by advanced chat tools or even by full implementation of internal social networking system.

Mobile CRM - cloud based database and customer relationship management enables work on the move, extremely important in each sales organization.

E-learning - distant learning and information management tools for enterprises. e-learning with full smartphone and tablet support becomes m-learning!

Business process workflow - tools for task automation and information exchange inside companies - cost effective ERP alternative form SMEs.

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