Wirtualne call center

Business Innovation offer for call-center / contact-center

We offer comprehensive, innovative telecommunications solutions for customers oriented teams, helpline, call-center. We implement implementation projects "sub-key". We base our offer on cloud, virtual solutions with short implementation time.

The offer is supplemented by a training package developing the sales skills of call center agents.

We conduct audits of solutions and processes, we suggest improvements.


Proposed system functions


Incoming calls handling and their distribution according to business objectives is the basis for the functioning of each customer service department, sales or proper call-center. Virtual solutions enable flexible programming of announcements, queues and forwarding calls to groups of agents.

Telephone or softphone

The agents device can be desk phones, PC softphones, a smartphone application or simply a web browser of any device. The proper selection of agent's professional headphones ensures work comfort.

Statistics and reports

We offer call center systems that provide complete agent work statistics and customer service quality available on-line. We follow the efficiency of marketing channels, the number and time of incoming and outgoing calls, the effectiveness of agents' work. We adapt type of information to your needs. Statistical data is available for future analysis in presentation systems.

Outgoing telephone campaigns / outbound

The effectiveness of outgoing campaigns can be increased by applying automation, i.e. dialer. Call center agents can make calls according to list of clients defined in the campaign.

Large call centers can apply automation using the predictive dialling mechanism, where the system initiates calls and then connects them to a free call-center agent.

Calls recording according to the RODO

Conversations recording and other call-center interactions is often necessary to meet legal or business requirements. We offer cloud systems that guarantee the security of data processing confirmed by entrustment agreements consistent with RODO / GDPR.

Calls recording are also used to train agents and improve the quality of customer service.

Integration with applications

The business efficiency of the call-center team's work increases when the system is integrated with business applications such as CRM.

Basic integrations allow:

- customer card search based on incoming calls

- registering calls in the CRM database

- easy dialing of calls using the click-to-call function

Integrations are prepared in the computer-telephone version (CTI interface), or application server-telephone system (REST API interface).

NFON operator services

A comprehensive offer for call-center includes the operator function:

- assignment and transfer of telephone numbers

- international telephone numbering

- attractive, negotiated connection rates

- managing the presentation of numbers

- trunk SIP links

We offer operator services together with NFON the European operator of virtual telecommunications solutions.


Modern contact-center ports customer interactions in many electronic channels, not only by telephone. Examples of channels are: voice, chat, video, email, sms. Our solutions, in a unique way, allow queuing calls in all channels and current, automatic allocation of them to free agents. All customer interactions data are recorded in a single CRM database.

Communication on the website: web-chat, web-video, web-voice

Modern solutions can use multimedia communication technology in the webRTC web browser. The client can communicate with the contact-center in many ways, simply by using his web browser. The integration of communication solutions with the website takes place simply by pasting url links.


Call center current situation can be presented to the management and employees as the so-called wall-board, or a graphical presentation of the current KPI parameters regarding the work of agents and the quality of customer service. It may contain number of clients waiting in the queue data, average waiting time, number of missed calls, number of active agents, etc. Wall-board is adapted to customer requirements.

Our offer most important benefits for the call center

- Comprehensive contact-center solutions, including implementation services and agent training

- Consistent management of all activities and campaigns

- Cloud solutions are modular and scalable: they provide the ability to add functionality, users and further communication channels
  along with the development of the call-center

- Lack of hardware installation - solution available from the web browser level

- Wide possibilities of integration and adaptation to the client's systems and needs

- Smart dialing - calls depending on assignment on employees' qualifications, "predictive"

- All types of telephone devices can be recorded according to the RODO

Examples of “made-to-measure” implementations

Virtual call-center agent

The call center system make outgoing calls to a defined campaign, a customer database. Customers hear a defined message and can register their preferences by pressing the appropriate options on the phone's keypad.

Missed calls interactive list

A typical telephone system allows to obtain information about agent`s missed calls. Professional management of the sales department and hotline requires shortening the time of customer service. To achieve this, we have implemented a web application that presents an all agents list of missed and unanswered calls. It allows to call back by clicking on the PC screen in the CTI standard. The call back is removed from the list, which allows effective management of the sales team minimizing the number of lost sales leads.

Customer data hiding

The outsourcing business service center`s customers have increased privacy requirements. Due to buyer request, a modification of the semi-automatic call dialing system in outbound campaigns was prepared so that the call center agents would not know the identity of the clients and would not see their telephone contact numbers.

Preferential implementation 

- Online store infoline

- Financial institution`s sales department infoline

- A semi-automatic call dialing system in a sales call-center

- Transport company forwarding call center

- Developer's sales department comprehensive call-center with marketing campaign analysis